TD supports Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research.

TD's Jeff Henderson, Executive Vice President and CIO, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. On March 30th, the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research launched with substantial support from public and private sector partners.


TD is proud to be among more than 30 companies that have committed to supporting the Vector Institute. Vector represents a world-class collaboration between academic institutions, incubators, accelerators, start-ups, scale-ups and established companies that will advance AI research and drive the adoption and commercialization of AI technologies across Canada.

"As technology plays a growing role in Canadian lives, understanding emerging areas such as artificial intelligence will be critical in shaping the future of banking. TD is very excited to support the Vector Institute to learn how to best utilize new and emerging AI to create more intuitive and personalized banking experiences for our customers," said Bharat Masrani, Group President and CEO, TD Bank Group.