Travelling this March Break? Three Tips to Ease Holiday Hiccups

We’re heading into the start of a busy travel season and you have finally confirmed your travel plans.

Great—what's next?

According to a recent TD survey, the first three things Canadians do once they’ve booked their flight and accommodations are: print out their hotel itinerary/flight tickets, research reviews of locations and attractions, and check if their passport is valid. While finalizing your vacation can result in stress and excitement, here are three other "checklist items" to consider before you head out for that much-needed March Break getaway. 

Take out travel insurance: Surprisingly, the survey found purchasing travel insurance didn’t make it into the top five things Canadians do first when preparing for a trip. Notably, millennials said they would rather travel without travel insurance than without their smartphones. Whether you're travelling within Canada or abroad, having the right travel insurance for you and your loved ones can help you manage unforeseen medical expenses and protect you against unexpected, health-related travel misfortunes. 

Make sure your mobile number on file is up-to-date: Verifying your contact information is up-to-date ensures that you can be easily notified in case of suspicious activity on your credit and debit cards. This also means you no longer have to notify us in advance of your travel plans.

Carry a cash-credit combo: Sometimes the unexpected happens while travelling. While this can be a good thing – think of stumbling across that hidden gem of a restaurant when off the beaten path – it can also be super inconvenient – such as that restaurant not accepting credit cards. Keeping cash in the local currency on hand ensures you're prepared for whatever circumstances arise.