TD Newsroom's top 5 stories of the year

From helping kids in the community to handling sensitive family financial issues, from technological innovations in banking to building inclusive workplaces, these are our can't miss stories from 2018. Have you read them all?

1. Financial Advice to My Younger Self: Andrew Pilkington, Executive Vice President, Branch Banking

In the first installment of our advice series, one TD leader reflected on how there's no such thing as a sure thing in real estate and why your heart should never rule your head.

A collage of photos of Andrew Pilkington

2. How to keep your kid's spouse from getting their hands on your money

For some families, a wedding might bring with it the unfortunate possibility that their child's chosen spouse is not a perfect match and that the marriage may not last. We laid out what you can do to protect your family money or estate before your child walks down the aisle.

A couple signing divorce papers

3. How workplaces can help remove barriers to benefit employees with autism

In a conversation with the TD Newsroom, Anthony Spezzano, a Collateral Analyst in the Capital Markets Risk Management group, shared his thoughts on his own employment experience and how organizations can work to improve their recruitment process for people with neurodiversities.

Anthony Spezzano, Collateral Analyst, Capital Markets Risk Management

4. Your kids might drain your bank account

As childcare costs are rising faster than inflation across Canada, we explored some of the financial realities of parenting that no one wants to talk about.

Piggy bank

5. Growing up digital - how technology has changed the way we bank

To celebrate Toronto's first ever Digital Literacy Day, TD looked back to explore the role digital technologies have played in the evolution of everyday banking.

A girl taking a selfie on her phone