TD builds on its reputation for excellent customer service with digital banking services powered by the Microsoft Cloud

We’re sharply focused on building the bank of the future. A future where digital is one of the core driving forces of our transformation journey; where data provides insights into our customer beliefs, needs and behaviors; and where technology will be the centerpiece of our delivery model.

In a short time, progress has been tremendous for us. We’ve become the 6th largest bank in North America because we’ve always strived to deliver spectacular customer experiences. We now have a significant opportunity by leveraging our digital transformation to continue our focus.

Phrases like artificial intelligence, big data and cloud services didn’t exist in the industry several years ago, but now they’re part of everyday discussions across TD. Our digital and data-driven transformation allows more meaningful and personal engagement with customers, fuels application development, and informs branch and store service delivery by gathering insights to better serve our customers the way they want to be served.  With precision and close attention to their specific needs. 

TD generates close to 100 million digital records daily, and has more than 12 million digitally active customers. With the Microsoft Cloud helping harness that data, we can deliver on our promise of legendary service at every touchpoint.

“After all, we're talking about people's money,” says Imran Khan, vice president of Digital Customer Experience at TD. “No one gets up in the morning and says, ‘I want a mortgage or a new credit card.’ They say, ‘I want to own a home, invest in my children's education, start a business, take a holiday with my family, plan for a happy and secure retirement."

We knew early on that to innovate quickly it required a flexible platform that harnessed customer data and delivered actionable insights. With Microsoft Azure and data platform services to help provide the power and intelligent capabilities we were in search of, we’re continuing to build the bank of the future.