TD aims to inspire future generation with Take Our Kids to Work Day

Each year, TD participates in a program where Grade 9 students from coast-to- coast head to work with their parent, guardian, relative or friend.  Developed by the Learning Partnership, the program helps students connect the dots between school, potential careers, and their own futures.

This year, TD hosted more than 600 students in offices across Canada as the bank celebrated 'Take our Kids to Work Day' on Wednesday, November 1.   

Students had the opportunity to see what the working world can look like first hand – with a chance to meet with individuals across multiple businesses, including Finance, Marketing, Phone Channel and Branch Banking.

"I really like the fact that TD is such a flexible work environment. It feels like a very open, diverse and comfortable place to work," said Grade 9 student Mika Yao after spending the day with her aunt Helen Dai, Senior Manager, Finance.

From learning about the history behind the bank's brand—and all the ways TD is connected through social media—to getting hands-on demonstrations of assistive tools and technology, students gained insight into how the bank works and the diverse careers that are available within TD.

Here is what some parents and students had to say about their day together: