Over 1,000 colleagues participate in TD's Women in Leadership Mutual Mentoring Event

Over 1,000 colleagues participated in TD's Women in Leadership (WIL) Mutual Mentoring event. Now in its second year, the global initiative aims to create stronger leadership at every level by partnering colleagues from different career stages and levels to share insights and experiences.

"What I loved most about this initiative was the universal enthusiasm of all participants to commit an hour from their busy schedules to really listen to what is on the minds of women across the Bank. My experience with Angela El-Jouni, TD Canada Trust Branch Manager in Quebec, was simply fantastic. We shared our experiences and insights of working at TD and I really valued Angela's feedback and perspective particularly on the WIL initiative," said Norie Campbell, Group Head and Chief General Counsel and Head of TD's Women in Leadership initiative.  "Events like these demonstrate TD's commitment to propelling the success of women at all stages of their careers and to championing forward thinking programs for all of our colleagues. I am thrilled that we exceeded 1000 participants this year and thank everyone who participated."

On September 7, executives paired up with emerging talent and met in-person, on the phone, via live video or leveraged other forms of technology for the one-hour session. Partners exchanged stories and experiences about various topics, ranging from career development and advice to new ways of using workplace technology and social media.

"Mutual mentorship is a truly valuable tool in unlocking our full potential at every stage of our career," said Riaz Ahmed, Group Head and Chief Financial Officer, TD Bank Group. "I know I've benefitted tremendously, both personally and professionally, from different mentoring relationships in my life. The WIL Mutual Mentoring event was a fantastic opportunity to learn from each other and I look forward to more events like this in the future."

Augusta White, Manager, Digital Sales, Strategy & Planning, said her Mutual Mentoring session with Bharat Masrani, CEO of TD Bank Group, left her compelled to look for opportunities to be bold as a young woman in a large enterprise."Bharat encouraged me to raise my hand for career opportunities that others perceive to be less appealing and to challenge my own perception of my capabilities and growth potential," said White. "He is a champion of people and reminded me that leaders at any level be attuned the 'micro-inequities' or subtle cues they may be projecting that could be impacting their colleagues and customers."

Jennifer Garden, Product Manager, Business Travel Products, partnered with a leader she has admired from afar—Colleen Johnston, Group Head, Direct Channels, Technology, Marketing and CAPA. "Our conversation inspired me to seek not only roles of interest, but those with some discomfort to allow me to grow and show my potential."

The demand for the event was high—300 spots were filled within seven minutes while an additional 230 were accommodated from the waitlist.

Check out some of our employees' photos and event takeaways during TD's WIL Mutual Mentoring Event.