Meet TD: Delivering for customers coast-to-coast

Across Canada, TD is committed to providing the very best for the people and communities we serve.

In Ontario, Al Ramsay and Tim Laronde work to better communities that are close to their hearts, while in Calgary, Alberta, Kari Scarlett brings people together to help create life-changing relationships. And in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Julien Abboud adds a human touch to every customer interaction.

In a four-part series, we interviewed some of the dynamic employees working to fulfil the diverse and ever-changing needs of our customers and communities.

Who are some of these key players behind our winning customer experience? We will introduce you.

Meet Al. Meet Tim. Meet KariMeet Julien.

Meet TD.

"My job allows me to stand in my own truth."

Al Ramsay, National Manager for LGBTQ2+ business development Read Al's story

Al Ramsay, National Manager for LGBTQ2+ business development standing on the sidewalk in Toronto.

"Supporting our Indigenous customers now means paving the way for success for our next generation of leaders."

Tim Laronde, Regional Manager for Indigenous BankingRead Tim's story

Tim Laronde, Regional Manager for Indigenous Banking standing outside of the TD Towers in Toronto.

"Witnessing the ripple effect of our partnership with community organizations and the impact it has on our customers and their loved ones is motivating." 

Kari Scarlett, Manager of Community Banking, Prairie Region - Read Kari's story

Kari Scarlett, Manager of Community Banking, Prairie Region sitting on a park bench outside

"I want them to share their dreams, retirement plans—goals for the next five to 10 years with me." 

Julian Abboud, Financial Advisor - Read Julien's story

Julian Abboud, Financial Advisor, standing outside.