How digital banking is helping this influencer find her financial work-life balance

Work-life balance? For entrepreneurs there's often no such division.

For example, when Vanessa Ortali launched her business, The Ladies Community (a professional networking group that aims to connect women on a personal and professional level), she knew there would be a few challenges.

Finding any sort of work-life balance was one of them, and managing rapid growth to the tune of over 10,000 members across North America, was another she never anticipated.

But along with these, Ortali also had to find a way to manage both her personal finances and the changing financial demands of her expanding business, while staying focused on her financial goals. She also had to do it while on the move from airports, cafes and in transit to meetings all over the world.

Watch how entrepreneurs like Ortali are using digital banking platforms and applications to manage and organize their personal and business finances using a single platform, when they want, and from anywhere they happen to be.