Growing up digital - how technology has changed the way we bank

The cohort of teenagers who are set to enter high school this fall have never existed in a world without Facebook. That's because the world's largest social networking platform was launched the year most of those students were born.

For young people today, trying to imagine a world without the Internet, without social networking as a staple of everyday life, and without the omnipresence of mobile communications devices is virtually impossible. When it comes to their concepts of money and banking, even something as simple as a paper cheque or a bank book are foreign concepts. For them, banking is done through online sites and mobile apps.

As technology advancements continue to change the way we live, learn and play, and even how we bank, the proliferation of these technologies is creating major opportunities – and significant challenges – for people of all ages and backgrounds.

As a result, ensuring that everyone in our communities can enjoy digital literacy is more important than ever to fostering an inclusive future for all Canadians.

To help bring attention to these issues, today, the City of Toronto will mark the first ever Digital Literacy Day in the city, facilitating 145 free digital literacy events across the city. At TD, we are excited to share that we will be joining in on the fun and helping to promote the importance of digital and financial literacy.

"With more than 11 million digitally active customers who interact with us every day, at TD we understand the critical role that digital literacy plays in unlocking highly intelligent, personalized and empowering experiences," Rizwan Khalfan, TD Executive Vice President and Chief Digital and Payments Officer, said.

"We are proud to collaborate with the city, supporting their goal to help the community thrive in an increasingly digital landscape."

Some of TD's planned activities for Digital Literacy Day include digital workshops for children of TD employees and a digital brand employment workshop for young adults in partnership with Toronto's Employment and Social Services Division (TESS). TD is also taking its support outside of the city centre, hosting Customer Connections Days at select branches across the country, with special activations taking place at 394 Bay Street, 55 King Street and the Union Station Kiosk.

To learn more about how you can access the city's planned events and activities for Digital Literacy Day, visit the City of Toronto website for more details.