Canadians Rethinking Retirement: Meet the Flexforce

Leaving a steady job to start your own business can be exciting, but it can also present an element of stress when it comes to saving for the future.

In the above video, meet Tara Wood, who tells us about the ins and outs of planning and saving for retirement when you're your own boss.

For most people in the workforce today, the idea of spending their entire career with one organization, then retiring at 65 with a gold watch and a vacation home is something of a foreign concept. 

The reality is that many Canadians are changing their approach to work to adapt to the realities of the job market around them. They know they're likely going to have multiple jobs over the course of a career, and with this reimagining of work comes a rethinking of retirement. 

Indeed, many Canadians are a part of the Flexforce. 

VIDEO: Canadians Rethinking Retirement: Gig economy plans for the future

The "Flexforce" is a growing segment of the Canadian working population made up of gig workersjob jumpers and postponed professionals. These people in non-traditional roles are redefining what employment looks like. 

And as the face of Canada's workforce changes, so does their ability to manage finances and plan for retirement. 

VIDEO: Canadians Rethinking Retirement: Job jumpers get a jump on saving for tomorrow

To better understand the ways the Flexforce is challenging our conventional ideas about retirement, we sat down with a few TD Customers working in the Flexforce to talk about their careers, their financial challenges and how they approach planning for retirement. 

Check out how you can learn more about adjusting your plans to kickstart your retirement savings.