A game-changer for Toronto's tech scene? More female tech talent

Even as Toronto's tech scene continues to grow, we know that women are still underrepresented in the industry. This issue was a major theme at a recent sold out event hosted at the University of Toronto's Victoria University campus in partnership with Networkers Technology.

Sladjana Jovanovic, Vice President of Online Technology at TD, spoke to the students about the importance of winning at their own game, how the industry needs them, and why it’s a better time than ever to work in technology. Here is what she had to say.

Technology is in the driver's seat

In the past, our financial business drove our technology development. Now, technology is driving our businesses forward, and I'm convinced that the line between the two will disappear altogether. It's clear to see that we're becoming an increasingly tech-driven organization. Our recent acquisition of Layer 6, a global leader in artificial intelligence, is just one example. There's never been more demand for tech talent. It's needed across every industry, banking just being one.

Above all else, people matter

As a leader in tech, I have three objectives: hire the best people, create an environment where people can be their authentic selves, and give people the power to make decisions and drive transformation. We know that the persistence of low female representation in the industry will have a larger and larger economic cost with time. We all need to work to change that. At TD, we focus on hiring the talent that will help us develop the best solutions for our customers. That includes creating networking and recruitment events specifically for women who want to find out more about what it’s like to work in technology at TD.

Win at your own game

When I started out, I thought that the best way to be successful in the tech industry was to try to fit in. That often meant playing a "men's" game. But I was wrong - you can't play someone else's game and expect to be the best at it. You have to play to your own strengths and to your own set of rules. And guess what? When you're authentic, people rally around you. Trust your own abilities and embrace what makes you different, because that's what will ultimately help you succeed.