TD speaks on the importance of Financial Literacy at the 3rd Annual Canadian Immigration Summit

TD recently joined over 200 leading representatives from government, business, education, not-for-profit, and immigrant serving organizations from across Canada to discuss the critical importance of financial literacy at the 3rd Annual Canadian Immigration Summit in Ottawa. 

Linda MacKay, Senior Vice President of Greater Toronto Region delivered a keynote address on the importance of financial literacy, in particular on the unique set of challenges newcomers face. As well, Ms. MacKay addressed the critical role organizations like TD play in lessening these very burdens, offering programs designed to educate newcomers and help them gain greater financial confidence. 

"It's not enough for us just to open the door to newcomers. We must welcome them in but as we do that we need to provide the skills that are vital for them to become financially self-sufficient. Comfortable with money concepts in Canada, so that in fact they can live the life that they envisioned in choosing to come to Canada," said Ms. MacKay. 

The event was held by the Conference Board of Canada, with a broader goal of raising awareness and discussion about what the future of Canada's immigration system looks like. Discussions included how to optimize immigrants' valuable contributions to Canada's economic competitiveness, the role and meaning of citizenship in immigration context; and how cross-sectoral stakeholders can help ensure the success of resettled refugees in Canada.

For more information on the Canadian Immigration Summit, please visit their website.

Linda MacKay

Senior Vice President, Greater Toronto Region

TD Canada Trust