TD MySpend hits 1 million users

TD MySpend is officially a millionaire – when it comes to registered users, that is! In just over a year, TD's popular spending app has found its way into the hands of 1 million TD customers, who are using it to help understand their spending, and make better decisions as a result.

"We introduced TD MySpend as a way to empower our customers about their finances and we're thrilled to have reached 1 million registered users in just over a year. It's exciting to think of how we can continue to build on this, with TD MySpend 2.0 and beyond," says Rizwan Khalfan, Chief Digital and Payments Officer, TD.

The latest version, TD MySpend 2.0 is launching today and introduces new features that address the top requests that TD received from our customers:

Spending History:

This new features allows users to view their current month's spending compared to other months' patterns and trends, and see their transaction history by category.

Spending spikes:

The answer to Where did all my money go? Users now have greater insights into their spending patterns, with the ability to zero in on spikes in their spending to understand how and when transactions are pushing them over their typical spending.

Virtual tour:

To make it easier to navigate the app's features, new users can now take a virtual tour of MySpend 2.0  and enable auto-login from the start, all while 13 months' worth of spending data is uploaded into the app, ensuring the most accurate spending insights.

TD MySpend helps customers better understand their spending habits in real-time, helping them better achieve their financial goals.